Happy New (Manmade Calendar) Year!

Ah, New Year’s Eve. This man-made holiday, where we celebrate the turning of a human-made calendar and a human-made clock, do significant debaucherous damage to our human livers, and make sure we put the calendar year before firmly behind us. It’s kind of silly, considering the whole charade is something we invented – but if there’s anything we like to do, it’s come up with reasons to party. Heck, a lot of us will love changing the calendar SO MUCH that we’ll wake up in a major HUNGO haze tomorrow. We may not remember the last moments of 2010, let alone the first of 2011. Some of us won’t know what hit us.

My New Years’ past have been somewhat of a crapshoot. Sometimes it’s epic party adventure time – something for the record books. If it’s epic, it’s really really good. When it works out, I seem to have an extremely eventful New Years (like the time Larissa put fake fuzzy mice in her hair and I wore a custom skirt

Lari with Mice in her hair. New Year's Eve, 2003 (2004)

she made me with a purple lace train…we went to a house party and made a grand exit with a friend dancing on top of the party host’s grand piano. Later we found a trampoline party in a warehouse in downtown L.A. where it was okay to jump all over the furnishings…that was 2003.)

In contrast, last year, I fell asleep before the clock struck midnight. I remember wishing family and friends in Europe, New York, and Los Angeles new year’s tidings via Twitter, but by the time Hawaii’s new year came around, I was a big snoozer.

Either way, we wake up the next day and it’s a new year. Besides forgetting to write “2011” on checks and other documents, I’m not sure how different it will feel for me. It’s just a new month, and a new year.

But I always love the energy of people starting anew, looking through their life for the things that no longer serve them, and dreaming big dreams about what new glory to bring into their lives…even if it doesn’t seem to coincide with any sort of planetary alignment (which our forefathers would have used as a more auspicious time for goal setting).

So, I am going to take a few reflective days off, and then return on Monday, just before a significant Total Eclipse of the Sun during a New Moon in Capricorn- perfect time for this revisionary visioning – and will reflect on the year, and the decade that is now behind us.

In front of me now is one heckuva night in my favorite part of Maui, and few days I hope I’ll remember for a long time.

Bless you all. Be safe.


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