Planting, Pianos and Packers: A Love Story

Happy New Year Everyone! Since the calendars have been refreshed, resolutions have been written down and 2011 has lept into full swing, a lot has been going on around these here parts.

The most exciting thing is that we’ve announced the next Plant a Wish tour! In March, Joe (hubby and partner-in-creativity) and I will be hitting the road and planting/filming in 18 states across the southern half of the U.S. That will bring our total states planted/visited to 41! (We plan to finish the remaining states by end of summer 2011.)

In preparation for that we’ve got a few fund-raising projects up our sleeves, including a Super Bowl party on Maui with a football pool that supports Plant a Wish. Joe is from Wisconsin, so the fact that the Packers are in the Super Bowl this year is HUGE for him. Stay tuned for that! (UPDATE: This never happened.)  In the meantime, to contribute support to Plant a Wish, click here. All contributions of $20 or more receive a “Special Thanks” credit in the finished film and a wish planted under one of the trees on tour. There are also some really great sponsorship opportunities.


Last (but definitely not least), I had to share the delightful return of “Black Beauty”, my 1960s Wurlitzer spinet piano. A birthday gift from Joe about 6 years ago, Black Beauty went into storage while Joe and I were in Los Angeles working on a documentary project with afropolitan band Soulfège (who, by the way, inspired this cool video contest). Well, its been 4 long years, but she’s back in my loving arms (and fingertips)! Had a great singing/ivory tickling session yesterday, and I expect many more to come!

P.S. I wrote a new cover story for the Maui Time Weekly! Check it out here!


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