Sara & Joe’s Tree Trimming Preview

A sneak peak at our 2011 ‘Planting Christmas’ tree, a 5 foot tall (large) native Hawaiian ohi’a lehua, available through Plant a Wish at …all decked out with our funky ornaments. (The collection grows each year.)

We’re playing “Verve Remixed Christmas” and really feeling the winter vibes up at our Olinda cottage.

Happy Holidays!

What makes your Christmas tree special this year?


4 thoughts on “Sara & Joe’s Tree Trimming Preview

  1. I love the owl! I have a little bit of an owl problem. Owls everywhere in my home but spread far enough apart so I don’t look like the crazy owl collector lady.

    I wish I had made it to the Christmas House. I remember that weekend, tired and too lazy too drive to the west side!

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