The Cure for Hiccups, and Other Things I Can’t Wait to Teach My Kid

Lounging in Bed This morning I’m giving myself some quiet time in bed. Joe’s left for work, and I have a bunch of things to accomplish before the weekend begins. Instead of getting up right away and feeling the intensifying gravity that my 32-week pregnancy has been bringing to my back, my hips, my legs…. I’ve just been sitting here for a little while, not answering the phone, and soaking up some peaceful bird chirps and wind chimes and light breezes coming through the window.

Then, out of the calm, Little Peanut (the dude in my belly) gets hiccups. 

My first instinct? To enact my “surefire hiccup cure” – on myself – as if I’m the one with hiccups. It goes like this: take a deeeeeeeeep breath, hold it in, and then swallow three times HARD, without letting any air come in or out of your nose or mouth.

Surprise! It doesn’t work. I realize that this little guy is probably guzzling a little too much amniotic fluid and I won’t be able to teach him the cure for at least another two years (just a guess). My mind wanders to all of the things that I can’t wait to teach this kid….the names of the trees in the yard, the lyrics to some of the best songs on the planet, how to swim… the list just unfolds and never stops.

Baby Bump Photo at 32 Weeks

It’s so fascinating being at this stage. His squirmy movements feel like a swimming alien, his size is so substantial that I really feel like I’m carrying someone around, like he’s running out of room in there, and I feel strangely connected – not just physically – but now in a sort of telepathic kind of way. Like I can send him my thoughts. Like every thought I have becomes a part of him. It’s enough to make me a little obsessed – and a LOT careful – about the things I’m allowing myself to focus on and the people I surround myself with.

Yesterday, just before my 40 minute drive home from an enjoyable dinner with a bunch of Maui’s women bloggers (more on that soon!), I remembered that a few years ago, when I was in the beginning of a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage, I had downloaded an audiobook about pregnancy called “Magical Beginnings”, by Deepak Chopra, M.D.. I had barely listened to the first chapter by the time we lost the baby, and I hadn’t looked back since. Last night I had the urge to play it in the car, so I found the link on my iPhone and hit “play”. I am so glad I did.

The kinds of thoughts I’ve been having – the ones I mention above about realizing how connected I really am to this little life inside me, and how connected we’ve been since January when the spark was lit, they’re all discussed in beautiful detail in this book.

The drive home, and the evening that followed, and yes, I guess, even this morning too…have all been enriched by the experience of remembering my connection to this new magical life that has begun. And how I am so lucky – honored, even – to have this extraordinary opportunity to teach.


4 thoughts on “The Cure for Hiccups, and Other Things I Can’t Wait to Teach My Kid

  1. Awe, Sara. Not a dry eye in the house. Good for you to take time and relax in bed, turn off the phone. Please remember this when he arrives…turn off the world – I guarantee the plant will be here when you’re ready to jump back on. I’m reliving my pregnancy memories with each of your blogs. Thanks for connecting me back to my past…Aloha

  2. Aaahhh I just loved reading this. Those quiet moments before baby comes are precious. I remember feeling that same connection with my daughter. I would talk to her all day…sometimes out loud and sometimes in my mind. I felt so close to her.

    One of my favorite things as a mother is watching the light bulb go off as she learns something new. Now she’s at that stage where she’s asking what everything is, and I have to be on my toes to make sure I can come up with answers she’ll understand. I just love her excitement and fascination with everything around her. It’s such a wonderful time.

  3. I have cursed hiccups as in if I get them once during a day I know I will get them intermittently throughout the REST OF THE DAY. So far the only cure I’ve found is to hold my breath and swallow several times. It’s really tough and it focuses me away from the hiccups enough that usually I only have to do it once, rarely twice. men’s health

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