Overcoming Morning Sickness: A First Trimester Must

“I don’t know why they call it ‘morning sickness’ when it lasts all f#%&ing day long.”
– Miranda on “Sex & the City”

Ahhh…the first trimester. That mixed bag of a time period when:

  • I was secretely SUPER EXCITED that I was having a baby, while at the same time I felt like…I had THE WORST HANGOVER EVER that didn’t go away for 3 solid months,

  • I consistently turned down wine but didn’t say why (or claimed I was still “cleansing”, when you and I both know that I quit that cleanse early),

  • I repeatedly stopped mid-sentence while teaching, or while in a business meeting, to swallow – HARD – due to nausea,

  • I wasn’t showing yet but felt like a giant bloated whale (‘No, I swear I didn’t eat an entire party platter of lasagna!‘),

  • I couldn’t stand the SIGHT of my usual favorite healthy foods like kale or spinach,

  • I could smell a cigarette smoker from blocks away – and wanted to strangle them,

  • Every waking moment that I didn’t have to be somewhere doing something, I was laying down and wishing I was asleep.

All of this and my pregnancy was at that point still a secret – just me and the hubby knew about it.  I thought to myself – ‘there HAS to be a way to make life more pleasurable right now‘. So of course, I went straight to Google.  Continue reading


Six months later…

This not just one of those blog posts about not blogging. I promise.

Yes, I have seriously abandoned my blog. While other bloggers on Maui have received awards and kudos for their prolific work, I have literally ignored the whole deal. But I promise you, it’s not without reason.

See, for the last six months, I’ve been more productive than ever – working 24 hours a day on my biggest project yet: GESTATION!

Sara's Baby Belly, Photo by Sean Michael Hower

“Baby Bump with a Sunburn” by Sean Michael Hower, http://www.howerphoto.com

That’s right, folks, WE’RE HAVING A BABY!  Continue reading