5 Ways to Put Your Own Health & Well-Being First, Starting Today

January has been a wild ride for me. Between being (quickly) ushered in as a new lecturer at UH Maui College, pulling off a near-flawless, sold-out TEDxMaui show production at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, and managing an event-markting social media effort to support land conservation in Hawai‘i, I have barely had a moment to sleep, let alone care for myself. So much so, that a few days ago, I found myself clobbered by the flu.

Donʻt take this the wrong way, I feel extremely blessed to have such an active, rewarding life, where I’m able to make meaningful contributions to the community around me. But Iʻm also known to put my own health (mental, physical, spiritual) on the “back burner” while Iʻm wrapped up in big projects. I havenʻt been taking really great care of myself, and Iʻve suffered because of it.

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Today, I move in a new direction. I begin a transformative cleanse with Mauiʻs Doctor of Chinese Medicine Malik Cotter, one that will rid my body of harmful toxins, balance everything out and – most-importantly – force me to really look at my intentions, face my demons, and hopefully come out a better, stronger, more vibrant person.

Why bother? Because no one else will!

Iʻve learned this one the hard way, but its true. Aside from a few really excellent people who might take a moment to confront you and tell you to take better care of yourself, youʻre pretty much on your own when it comes to self-care.

Here are 5 ideas to get you started on a new path – today:  Continue reading


10 Last-Minute Local Maui Holiday Gifts Under $50

We all do it. Whether it’s anxiety about long lines, parking spots and traffic, or its just how busy we all are with work leading up to the holidays…we all are guilty – at times – of waiting until the last minute to pick up gifts.

If you’re still waiting to get a gift for your loved one and are interested in keeping your dollars local on Maui, here are some ideas:  Continue reading

Sara & Joe’s Tree Trimming Preview

A sneak peak at our 2011 ‘Planting Christmas’ tree, a 5 foot tall (large) native Hawaiian ohi’a lehua, available through Plant a Wish at http://www.plantawish.org/planting-christmas …all decked out with our funky ornaments. (The collection grows each year.)

We’re playing “Verve Remixed Christmas” and really feeling the winter vibes up at our Olinda cottage.

Happy Holidays!

What makes your Christmas tree special this year?