10 Last-Minute Local Maui Holiday Gifts Under $50

We all do it. Whether it’s anxiety about long lines, parking spots and traffic, or its just how busy we all are with work leading up to the holidays…we all are guilty – at times – of waiting until the last minute to pick up gifts.

If you’re still waiting to get a gift for your loved one and are interested in keeping your dollars local on Maui, here are some ideas:  Continue reading


Getting in the Mood with Cudra Clover’s Island-inspired Holiday Podcast

Cudra, Me and Lari at Kit Kat Club Event. Photo by Naomi D. Sheikin

It’s not quite the holiday season without holiday tunes, and I am lucky to have a lot of really creative friends who either a) make music, b) collect music, or c) both. One of my favorite people in the “c” category is the lovely Cudra Clover. She’s the producer/host/DJ of the “Cudra Clover Exotica Hour“, as well as a very talented artist and performer.

Last Saturday, I supported gal-pal stylist Lari from LeRu Atelier (*now open at 505 Front Street in Lahiana, HI) in the dressing room at Maui’s Kit Kat Club Cabarets annual holiday show, and Cudra was the opening DJ for the night. She’s got a good ear for those exotica music classics, so I just had to share her holiday podcast – great island-inspired exotica swanky sounds to fill your home with during your holiday break. Click on the player link here to enjoy! Feel free to pass it on and share the love. 🙂