Planting, Pianos and Packers: A Love Story

Happy New Year Everyone! Since the calendars have been refreshed, resolutions have been written down and 2011 has lept into full swing, a lot has been going on around these here parts.

The most exciting thing is that we’ve announced the next Plant a Wish tour! In March, Joe (hubby and partner-in-creativity) and I will be hitting the road and planting/filming in 18 states across the southern half of the U.S. That will bring our total states planted/visited to 41! (We plan to finish the remaining states by end of summer 2011.)

In preparation for that we’ve got a few fund-raising projects up our sleeves, including a Super Bowl party on Maui with a football pool that supports Plant a Wish. Joe is from Wisconsin, so the fact that the Packers are in the Super Bowl this year is HUGE for him. Stay tuned for that! (UPDATE: This never happened.)  In the meantime, to contribute support to Plant a Wish, click here. All contributions of $20 or more receive a “Special Thanks” credit in the finished film and a wish planted under one of the trees on tour. There are also some really great sponsorship opportunities.


Last (but definitely not least), I had to share the delightful return of “Black Beauty”, my 1960s Wurlitzer spinet piano. A birthday gift from Joe about 6 years ago, Black Beauty went into storage while Joe and I were in Los Angeles working on a documentary project with afropolitan band Soulfège (who, by the way, inspired this cool video contest). Well, its been 4 long years, but she’s back in my loving arms (and fingertips)! Had a great singing/ivory tickling session yesterday, and I expect many more to come!

P.S. I wrote a new cover story for the Maui Time Weekly! Check it out here!


New Recording! (Or, What Happens When You’re Invited to try a $3,000 Vocal Microphone)

Pink Princess (from the Backyard)

Was super excited to be invited into Big Gorilla Studios in Wailuku last night for some Winter Solstice recording fun! Didn’t have much prepared because of the last-minute invite, so when the audio team busted out a really intimate vocal mic and great acoustic guitar mic, I decided to go to an old favorite by Neil Young.

Both tracks (vocals and guitar) recorded live/simultaneously. Guitar is my precious Takamine 12-string. I’ll find out what the microphones were for you audio nerds out there. (There was a LOT of audio nerd talk going on at Big Gorilla last night, so something tells me these were some fancy mics. I was told the vocal mic alone was worth at least $3,000!!!)

This recording is my holiday gift to you all: a gentle to reminder to not be brought down, no matter how ugly it gets. You will come around.

Song originally recorded by Neil Young.
Written and Composed by Neil Young.