Within 15 minutes of meeting my dad, everyone gets to hear the story of how I spooked the bejeezus out of my parents one day while strapped in my car seat. As the tale goes, I was just a year old and change, and hadn’t spoken a full sentence yet. But right there, on our road trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire  in the two-toned Land Cruiser, I sang a full song. That’s right. Before I spoke a full sentence. So, I would be remiss if I didn’t have a page on my site about me and my music.

I give good Karaoke. I can harmonize with the best of ’em. But only a few times have I tried making my own music. I fluctuate from extremely shy to completely belting it out. I can’t say I was taking it all super seriously when these tunes were recorded, but they’re all I’ve got for now. (I expect to complete my first EP soon.)

In the meantime, here is a record of one of those sketchy events:

My Heart by Sara Tekula by spectekula

And here’s me playing guitar and singing a cover of Neil Young’s “Don’t Let it Bring You Down”:

Don’t Let it Bring You Down (Neil Young Cover) by spectekula