Belly Painting: My Womb is my Baby’s Entire Universe

A few weeks ago, at a friend’s birthday party, Rachel DeBoer (a dear old Maui friend who happens to be one of the top body painters in the world) approached me and proclaimed” I have to paint your belly!”

Soon after, the day was scheduled and I was brainstorming ideas of what to transform my belly into.  Continue reading


My “Children’s Book” Baby Shower & Blessingway

When I was first approached by a friend who offered to host my baby shower, I remember thinking “Oh, right…that’s something I should probably do.” Its funny because at that stage of my pregnancy, I was still in a majorly relaxed mode about everything. The friend suggested we do the shower two months before my due date, which I thought was a great idea. I had plenty of time. Baby wasn’t going to come for a while.

Over time, I started to daydream. What kind of baby shower would i have? Who would be there? Would it be small or big? Ladies only, or co-ed? Outside or inside? Would it be more of a traditional thing, or more of an intimate, spiritual thing? Would there be a theme? Continue reading

The Cure for Hiccups, and Other Things I Can’t Wait to Teach My Kid

Lounging in Bed This morning I’m giving myself some quiet time in bed. Joe’s left for work, and I have a bunch of things to accomplish before the weekend begins. Instead of getting up right away and feeling the intensifying gravity that my 32-week pregnancy has been bringing to my back, my hips, my legs…. I’ve just been sitting here for a little while, not answering the phone, and soaking up some peaceful bird chirps and wind chimes and light breezes coming through the window.

Then, out of the calm, Little Peanut (the dude in my belly) gets hiccups.  Continue reading