After many years of penning artist bios, ghost-writing articles, throwing together press releases, and churning out grant proposals, I finally realized something. Wait for it…I’m a writer!

So when I was laid off from a local nonprofit where I’d worked for 2 years, I started taking full credit for my writing and now have a great relationship with Maui’s best independent weekly paper: Maui Time Weekly. Click on one of the covers below to read my feature stories, or click on these links read a few shorter pieces I’ve done for the Maui Time.

Up Front Piece (Maui Time Weekly):
Jungle to Jungle Update

Daydream from the Plant a Wish Tour

A&E Pieces (Maui Time Weekly):
Don’t Sleep on The Grouch

Back to School: Fun-loving hip-hop duo takes their class clown act to the stage
To Everything, Burn, Burn, Burn

Maui Time Weekly Cover Features:

(with photography by talented Maui shutter-flies Marie Welton, Sean Michael Hower, and Naomi D. Sheikin)

“The Unemployment Survival Guide”, Cover Feature, 11/12/09

“The Art of Play”, Cover Feature, 2/18/10

“It’s a Jungle Out There!”, Cover Feature, 3/4/10

“Slam Right”, Cover Feature, 9/16/10

“Bringing Art Back from the Dead”, Cover Feature, 10/14/10

“Trust in Them”, Cover Feature, 1/20/11